“Get ready for one of the most unique experiences you will ever have…this is definitely CliffNotes and SparkNotes on Steroids.”  -  Author, Editor

Club FAQs


Do I have to use my real name to join?

  • Nope. Although we encourage beta readers to use their real name, the choice is yours.

Do I need to pay to join, or do I need to pay in the future?

  • All club activities are 100% free to join, and will remain free forever.  There are no membership fees, subscription fees, or any other required payment to be a member in the club.

What are your terms of service, or privacy policy?

  • User information and privacy concerns are safe with us.  We will never sell, distribute, rent, or share club members’ information with a third party without express consent. You can view our terms of service and privacy policy here.

Will my responses and submissions remain anonymous and/or confidential?

  • All member submissions are kept for BTS usage only.  However, since we encourage sharing of feedback between club members and many have expressed helpful responses, your feedback may appear on BTS material, such as “our favorite responses”, or “testimonials”.

What are others saying about the club?

  • Let’s hear from what our members have to say to YOU about joining the club. These are the responses given when asked…
(What would you say) To a beta reader – deciding to join The Beta Reading Club?
  • “Rewarding”
    • It’s a great way to spend your time! 
    • This is an awesome program 
    • Its easy, free, and helps you grow as an author/reader. 
  • “You Get to Learn”
    • It’s a great learning experience.
    • You NEED to join The Beta Reading Club because you learn more about your favourite books. 
    • This is a very special Club since you’d get to see the works and behind the scenes of books and its corresponding authors so welcome and enjoy! 
    • The work is fun and you learn to appreciate the books all the more.
    • You will be able to learn more about your favorite books 
    • you’ll be introduced to many fabulous books that you didn’t know were out there. 
  • “Great Experience” 
    • The Club is a great experience
    •  It’s an interesting experience, brilliant for anyone who likes books.
    • It’s a wonderful experience you don’t know what your missing.
    • It’s an excellent learning experience
    • Hop on, this train like a certain red engine train will take you to an unprecedented journey in world you would love to get lost. 
    • An experience you won’t regret so dive right in
  • “Fun”
    • It’s fun 
    • Tons of fun! 
    • It is amazingly fun and a great job.
    • Its a lot of fun and gives you a new kind of experience.  
    • You’re going to love it-it’s fantastic
    • GREAT FUN!!! 
  • “Just Do It”
    •  Do it. 
    • You won’t regret it!! I don’t!!!”
    • Go for it! 
    • Do it! Do it. 
  • “Great Decision – No Regrets”
    • Its the best thing you could do.
    • Join BTS and you won’t regret it
    • You won’t regret it Go for it! It’s worth it
    • If you love reading then this is definitely for you! 
    • Try it, it’s one of the best decisions I personally have ever made .
    • You should, definitely. 
    • ….and so many more!

 It’s one of the best decisions I personally have ever made – Aspiring Lawyer

Club Logistics

How often will I receive a manuscript, and how many manuscripts will I receive?

  • Currently, manuscripts are released at a pace of one per month.  Manuscripts are delivered one at a time in the form of email.

Are there any deadlines in the club?

  • Along with the release of the manuscript, we have a 10-day deadline to beta read and submit your responses for the manuscript.  The responses are submitted using Google Forms, such as this one here.  Further instructions will follow in the email received.

Can I choose the book or genre to beta read?

  • Currently we hand pick our manuscripts that are released each time.  These selections are largely based on upcoming titles, which are based on your votes.  Books and genres vary each time and grant a wide exposure of literature for our beta readers.

Do I have to beta read every manuscript?

  • The simple answer is no.  We encourage our beta readers to participate as much as they can, while being as comfortable as they can.  Although we do not punish non-submissions, we do reward active beta readers with credits for submissions that can be used towards a free digital copy of a Behind the Story.

What happens if I miss the deadline to submit my response?

  • If you’ve missed the posted deadline for the response, no problem.  You can still submit your responses using the Google form that was sent to you.  However, you will not receive a credit towards your free book.  After 10 credits, you may request for your choice of a free digital copy of a Behind the Story.

Life is getting busy.  What should I do?

  • It happens to the best of us.  Our encouragement is to stay in the club and wait for the next opportunity that comes by.  Although you may not have time to beta read manuscripts, you may be interested in particular titles, or discount coupons and freebies we give to our club members.

After receiving your first manuscript 

Do I have to make grammatical changes, spelling errors, or find other mistakes on the manuscript?

  • Nope.  As beta readers, you will be providing your feedback, input, and some of the creative thoughts that you’ve had while reading through the manuscript. It’s much more valuable.  You can, however, apply to become a BTS editor to be more involved.

Do I make corrections to the manuscript itself?

  • There is no need to make changes to the manuscript since you will be submitting responses on Google forms.  However, any errors that you see to factual information or changes you’d like to propose should be submitted using Google form.

What do I do with these manuscripts?

  • Club rule stipulates that these manuscripts are intended for direct recipients only and are not to be shared.  If you printed them, we ask you to shred them.  For all downloaded manuscripts, please dispose them properly. If you would like to share with others, they MUST be enrolled as beta readers themselves.  Invitations can be sent by clicking here.

Help! I can’t view the attached manuscript.

  • We use PDFs to distribute our manuscripts.  Most computers, tablets and smartphones have the capability to view PDFs.  In case PDF does not view, you can download a free PDF reader, from a very trusted source, Adobe Reader.

Can I request endorsement on job resumes or college applications for being in the club?

  • We accept requests for endorsements for various purposes.  If you would like to include your membership in The Beta Reading Club, you can inquire by writing to [email protected].  Endorsements are granted for active beta readers only.


“The rumors are true. It is just that great.” – College Student & Aspiring Author