What is a Fan Author?

  • A Fan Author is a writer who authors a BTS book companion. A Fan Author is someone who is passionate about reading, and more especially learning about the books they love. A Fan Author recognizes that after turning the last page of their favorite novel, there is still a hunger left within them and knows there is much more to be enjoyed. A Fan Author is a writer who is inquisitive about learning what is beneath the “tip of the iceberg”, and is determined to bring these riches to themselves and to others for their satisfaction.

Who can be a Fan Author?

  • There are two very important requirements to being a Fan Author:
      1. You have to love books. (be an avid reader)
      2. You have to love writing about books.
  • There are slightly less, yet important requirements to being a Fan Author:
      1. Excellent handling of writing skills.
      2. Prior experience as a writer, journalist, or an editor.

Why be a Fan Author?

  • Being a Fan Author is a great way to learn about the world of literature, especially about the books you love most.  It also helps you get immersed into the field and meet other like-minded individuals in the industry.  If you love to read and write about books, then being a Fan Author can be a like a dream for you.

How does the hiring process work?

  • Upon submitting your application, we will be asking for a sample of your writing and/or resume. With that, we will send you a template for you to write your own sample BTS, consisting of approximately 1,000 word count with 4 questions. Your sample BTS writing will then be reviewed and if successful, your hiring process will formally begin.

Once I am hired as a Fan Author, do I provide samples for all future BTS book companions?

  • No. Once you become a Fan Author, re-applying by submitting work samples is not required. You will be able to author as many available BTS Book Companions as you’d like.   However, publishing contracts are awarded per-title basis and must be renewed for each BTS Book Companion.

How do I get paid?

  • Fan Authors will be paid on a cascading commission-based payout plan.  This means that for every sale that you make, you will receive a percentage commission that varies by outside factors like ratings. Payments will begin after three months of first sales and be paid via PayPal or check remittance.

How long does t take for a book to be published?

  • Once a manuscript is received by us, it is placed in queue for our community of beta readers to get first dibs.  Depending on the number of manuscripts available currently, the delay may be longer and Fan Authors may expect to wait up to four months or more.

Will I be credited on the book as an author?

  • Yes, absolutely.  On every BTS book companion, we will be dedicating a page to our Fan Authors.  We believe is an excellent way for Fan Authors to be gain a following of readers or connect with the following they already have. This page will be composed of the following three questions:
      1. Short blurb about yourself
      2. Why you chose this book
      3. Why you are an avid reader

If someone already authored a BTS book companion, can I still work on the same title?

  • We only publish a single version of BTS book companion per title.  If the title you would like to work on is already published, you should probably look for another title.  However, there are instances when we allow a title to be challenged.  If you think you are the perfect Fan Author to author the title, please submit your request to challenge the BTS book companion.
  • Instances when you can challenge a BTS title:
      1. You have extensive, expert, or privileged content to the Behind the Story that is lacking in the current publication.
      2. You are the owner of the original work.
      3. We would like to publish a new version of BTS title with your authorship..

Can I get a BTS book companion for my own novel?

  • Yes absolutely. You can submit your request for a BTS for your own work here.

I want a BTS Book Companion to promote an upcoming novel. Can I do that?

Is Behind the Story limited to books only, or can I request a BTS for a different topic?

  • If you would like to have a BTS created for other topics, such as an individual, a company, or films & games, please submit your request to [email protected].


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