We believe readers should enjoy a Full Experience of the book they love.

There’s just so much more underneath the tip of the story iceberg. Inspired by a hunger to know the story behind every good read and governed by the vision that what has transpired has a story to tell, we’ve brought Behind the Story® for every book fan to enjoy.

Our mission is to enable book fans all around the world to heighten and enrich their reading experience like never before… Begun “For the Fans, By the Fans“, we take our readers on a tour by the hand to show what is behind the curtains – what is “Behind the Story”

That’s what makes us smile. Now, let us share it with you.

- Behind the Story


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How is Behind the Story Created?

We’ve come a long way, fellow book fans…

The Timeline of Behind the Story

Late 2011 Behind the Story books are released on Amazon with a vision to make the literary world a better place. It contained grammatical errors, typos, and a whole lotta’ mess. UGH!

In 2012 we’re learning, with new members seeing the vision of Behind the Story and getting on board. We scouted for more experienced writers but still a bunch of “~meh” reviews. HUH?

2013 we huddled. We then called out to industry experts and initiated The Beta Reading Club, a program designed for aspiring authors to read pre-release manuscripts and provide valuable feedback to our writers who hones it until it’s finally ready. The verdict? MM-MM- DELICIOSO~!